OllyWood Movie Download Kaunri Kanya Odia Horror Movie

Hello Friends if you want to watch or OllyWood Movie Download then you are in right place. Today i am going to show you a good super hit ollywood Movie Kaunri Kanya which is a odia Horror Movie. OllyWood Movie Download Kaunri Kanya

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Lets Watch OllyWood Kaunri Kanya

Kaunri Kanya Part 1
Kaunri Kanya part 2

About Movie

Story Line –
This story revolves around Riya and her Doctor husband Akash who is transferred to a rural location. Some unnatural events start occurring in their daily lives and making Riya the most affected of it and getting possessed. With the help of Dr.Rajiv, a senior psychiatrist, Akash discovers a reason behind the occurrences and comes to know about a village boy Ravi & his love interest Anusuya who was killed by the villagers blaming her of witchcraft.

Director: Somya Ranjan Sahu

Writer –
Ramya Ranjan Sahu | story |
Somya Ranjan Sahu | scrrenplay dialogue & lyric |

Star Cast :
Somya Ranjan Sahu
Kavya Kiran
Pupul Bhuyan
Ardhedu Sahu
Bighneswar Panda
Asutosh Mohanty
Sudipta Pattnaik
Durga Achary
Chanda Mama

Kaunri Kanya, English: Possessed Girl,Kaunri Kanya is the first 3D Oriya Film horror film,[1] directed by debutant director Soumya Ranjan Sahu[2] and produced by his brother Ramya Ranjan Sahu.[3] The film stars several debutant actors. The film was also dubbed into Tamil. It is the first Oriya film to feature an underwater sequence[4] which was shot in Vizag. While most of the shooting happened in Surangi, Ganjam, Odisha, the background score and music were done by South Indian artists Satya and Mithun. Prakruti Mishra gives a special appearance in the film. The movie is based around the story of a doctor whose wife gets possessed by an evil spirit. This film explores social stigmas viz. superstition, witchcraft, sorcery and belief of people on casting spells and summoning evil spirits to take girls into possession which leads to murdering of innocent people falsely alleged of practicing black magic. OllyWood Movie Download Kaunri Kanya

I hope you all like this movie from Sidharth Tv.

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